fee schedule
Fees are determined by session length and session length is determined by the following:

  • The nature of your session (i.e., chronic pain, relaxation, athletic recovery, stress management)

  • Your physical build or density of your tissue

  • How many issues/problems you wish to address during that session

  • The length of time you have had a particular issue or problem

  • How proactive you have been regarding any issues or problems we are addressing

  • Your level of hydration

The more factors or issues you wish to address, the longer the session.

Examples of what can reasonably be accomplished in each time frame are:

½ hour     specific attention to one area
¾ hour     attention to 1-2 specific areas
1 hour     a Full Body Swedish style relaxation massage or attention to 2-3 specific areas
1¼ hour     a Full Body Deep Tissue style massage for small to medium framed individuals
1½ hour     a Full Body Deep Tissue style massage for large framed or dense tissue individuals or concentrated attention to 3 or more problem areas
1¾ hour     a Full Body Deep Tissue style massage with attention to 2-3 problem areas

As these are only examples, be sure to discuss your needs and expectations with your Massage Therapist in order to determine the appropriate session length.


   ½ hour $55
   ¾ hour $75
   1 hour $105
   1¼ hour $120
   1½ hour $140
   1¾ hour $155

Payment can be made by cash, check, American Express, Visa or Mastercard

Payments are due at the conclusion of each session

package plans

Package Plans are available and are paid in full at the time of the purchase

Five 1-hour sessions for $500 (reg. $525)
Five 1¼-hour sessions $575 (reg. $600)
Five 1 ½-hour sessions for $675 (reg. $700)
Five 1 ¾-hour sessions for $750 (reg. $775)

Package Plan sessions must be used with in 3 months of purchase and may be shared among families, partners or friends of the purchaser (with written or verbal authorization)

Any session(s) not used with in 3 months will revert back to the original price and will be deducted or billed accordingly.

Sessions not used within one year of purchase will become null and void unless a written explanation is received prior to the end of the purchase year.

other fees

Payment will be due in full if a session must be stopped due to a client's sexual misconduct.

Payment is due in full for any session not cancelled within a minimum of 24 hours. (please see our cancellation policy)

Payment is due for the session length scheduled.

A charge of $35 will be added to the session fee if a check does not clear the bank.

Any client who comes in under the influence of alcohol or any other mind or body altering substance, will be denied service and charged for the session.

Non-payment of any of the above fees may result in legal action.

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