(Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What should I wear/bring?
    Typical sessions require that you be unclothed. You can choose to wear nothing at all or just your underwear/panties (some men prefer to wear running shorts). Be aware that every client is covered with a sheet/blanket at all times during the session. At no time will there be any exposure of private parts.

  2. Do you tip a Massage Therapist?
    Unlike many other service industries, tipping is not expected. However, tipping is always appreciated.

  3. Do you take insurance?
    Not at this point in time. The client may, however, request a receipt to submit to their insurance company or Flexible Spending account.

  4. Should I come in if I'm not feeling well?
    Generally no. Please see Do's & Don'ts for details.

  5. Why don't you have a receptionist?
    I am now a solo practitioner (although I do share the office with another Certified Massage Therapist/Registered Kinesiotherapist ). Booking all appointments gives me the opportunity to work with the client to find a mutually convenient time that meets the client's specific needs.

  6. Do you ever work weekends?
    Unfortunately no.

  7. Do you work on handicapped clients?
    The building and office are handicap accessible. As long as I am able to get you up on the massage table I can work on you. Let me know your disability when setting up your appointment.

  8. Can I come straight from a race/workout?
    Unlike post-race massage or high level workout sessions (where massage is done on sight), my massage table and office are not set up to deal with the hygiene and health issues of this kind. Please have taken proper steps to so that you are "clean" for your session.

  9. If I am trying to recover from an injury, how many sessions will it take?

    This depends on how long you've had the injury, how severe it is/was and what pro-active measures you are taking towards your recovery. If a client is responding positively to therapeutic massage, results may be seen in as little as one to three sessions. If no results are seen by the third session, the client may be referred to another health professional whose modality may be more applicable.

  10. How do I know how much time I need when scheduling an appointment (session lengths vary from hour up to 1 hour)?
    You don't. I will help you determine the length of your session when we schedule your appointment. To get a general idea of what can be accomplished in specified amounts of time, please see the Fee Schedule.

  11. How long will the effects of a massage last?
    There are too many variables to answer this question accurately. It will vary depending on the client's general condition, stress level, and ongoing physical health and wellness. Generally, the client will know after experiencing several massages.

  12. What if I want to schedule a session with the other Certified Massage Therapist/Registered Kinesiotherapist (C.M.T., R.K.T.) sharing your office? Are there any issues with switching back and forth between the two of you or switching from one to the other?
    Laura Toth is the C.M.T.,R.K.T. sharing the office with me. You must call her directly to set up an appointment with her. Her phone number is 703-309-7624. There are absolutely no issues with switching back and forth between us or from switching from one therapist to the other. The ultimate goal for us is to help you achieve results from your therapy.

  13. Why do your Gift Certificates have a three-month expiration date?
    In the sixteen plus years I have been doing this work, I have found that if a Gift Certificate recipient does not schedule or make the time to use their Gift Certificate within three months of receiving it, chances are they won't ever use it. If extenuating circumstances preclude scheduling I will accommodate the recipient as long as they contact me before the expiration date.

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