dos & don'ts

Ask questions - Therapeutic Massage can be a intimidating if you are unfamiliar with the process. Check the FAQ section to see if your issues have been addressed there. If not, call and ask any time you need clarification.

Arrive on time - You are booked for a specific block of time and will be charged the standard rate for that session even if it is shortened due to late arrival.

Bring a change of clothing if coming from work - Most of the creams and gels used are not oily and are water-soluble. However, you may feel more comfortable if dress clothes are not worn after the session.

Be well hydrated before your session - Hydration is an on going issue. Our bodies are 60-70 % water and do not function properly or efficiently without sufficient water intake. If you start your massage dehydrated it will not be as therapeutic and, in some cases, may result in slight nausea post session.

Have a clear goal for each session - To maximize your massage experience, know why you are there and what you would like to accomplish during your session. Take the time and responsibility to communicate this with your therapist.

Speak up - Clients are encourage to share any concerns with their therapist prior to, during and after their massage.

Maintain personal hygiene - The environment in which you will be receiving massage is clean. Please reciprocate this standard.


Drink alcohol prior to your session - Processing alcohol creates waste product, may cause nausea, and creates an environment that is not considered therapeutic nor ethically responsible to work in. If it is evident that a client has consumed alcohol prior to their session they will be charged in full and given one opportunity to reschedule. No work will be done on them at that time.

Take muscle relaxers or prescription pain medication prior to your session - You must be able to fully feel the massage so uncompromised feedback can be given. It is also unwise to come to a session if you are in enough pain to warrant the use of strong medications for pain.

Come in when you are sick or feel like you are coming down with something - It will not make you feel better and may make you feel much worse by spreading the illness throughout your system. Secondly, you could pass your illness along to your therapist, impeding their ability to work and earn a living.
Please do the office the courtesy of notifying them ASAP when you have a scheduled appointment that you can't make due to illness.

Workout after a therapeutic massage - Therapeutic massage involves elongating, relaxing and removing metabolic waste from the muscles and surrounding tissue. Working out does the opposite. As a general rule, a client should not engage in any strenuous physical activity for 24 hours after a therapeutic massage. This gives the body a chance to "absorb" the work done to it and expedite healing or recovery time.

Eat a big meal prior to your session - This is common sense. Pressure placed on a client's body during the massage may be uncomfortable on a full stomach. Eat a light snack instead.

Associate pain with massage - Sometimes massage can be uncomfortable when dealing with old injuries or chronic pain patterns. However, it is imperative that the therapist stay within the clients "comfort zone" to this regard. The client has the responsibility of communicating their pain threshold on a 1-10 pain scale during their massage to ensure their comfort during the session.

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