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I consistently look for great tools, tapes or gadgets that will help clients with stretching, recovery and overall wellness, I have some personal favorites that I would like to share with you. These items have been of great benefit to me and I think you might enjoy them as well.

Please heed and follow any precautions listed on the item before, during or after use. I cannot be held responsible for any misuse or injury sustained from these products. Always check with your physician and/or physical therapist before using these items.

tools & gadgets

The Stick - It looks like a cross between a beaded seat cover and a rolling pin. It allows you to give yourself compression massage and expedites recovery after any long and/or strenuous activity. This simple looking "stick" retails for about $35 and can be found at Metro Run & Walk. This has saved me after many long or hard runs.

The Stretch Out Strap - A long looped strap that assists you in achieving and maintaining certain stretches. About $20. Call 1-800-367-7393 to order. Complete with a "How To" chart. I use this almost daily and especially after a hard days work.

The Strassberg Sock - Runner's World Magazine featured this new and innovative way of dealing with Plantar Fascitis. It is a sock that slightly stretches your plantar fascia (the arch area in your foot) while you are sleeping without the bulk and discomfort of boot-type devices. Check it out at It is about $35 with shipping and handling.

The TheraCane - A self massage device that allows you to apply deep pressure to hard to reach areas of your body. It has enumerable uses and comes complete with a "How to" instruction booklet. Shaped like a large Candy Cane with support knobs, it can quickly provide relief when and where you need it. Great on sore, tight muscles and trigger points. About $40 and its available at the Healthy Back Store* (mention that Transitions sent you and receive 5-15% off) or at

The Wobble Board - A must for anyone who has had recurring ankle strains and sprains or lower leg issues. This tool helps develop proprioception and coordination. offers five different styles ranging from $40-$200. Type the word "wobble board" in the search function. Be sure and check with your physician or Physical Therapist for proper usage instructions.

The Grid Foam Roller - The best foam roller yet! Smaller, lightweight and portable this revolutionary product is designed to release tight muscles through the patented Distrodensity Foam Zones. A must have in every house!


Yoga Conditioning for Athletes - led by Rodney Yee, this tape focuses on the spots where athletes of all levels tend to get tight. Every pose is shown at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level (3 people on the screen at all times) so you can progress from one level to another within the same tape. This is my favorite yoga tape. About $15. You can order this from

I highly recommend getting the "Yoga Props" kit to do this. This includes a yoga mat (to prevent sliding) and two yoga blocks to help you in some of the poses. The kit can also be purchased at but I have also seen it at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond for about $25.

A.M. Stretch and P.M. Stretch - Two separate 25-minute tapes to start or end your day. Geared toward general flexibility. Quick and easy. Also available at

Yoga Conditioning for Women - Led by Suzanne Deason this is an excellent tape for us girls (not to be sexist but they haven't come out with one for men yet). It involves stretching, strength, balance and relaxation poses. It is challenging but worth the effort. I also recommend having the Yoga Mat and Blocks (see Yoga Props above) for this tape. Available at for about $15.

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